A Week’s Worth of News!

Wow! Just within the last week, so many exciting things have happened! It’s time to bring you all up-to-date!


FIRST EXCITING NEWS– The British magazine Your Chickens will be marketing their magazine in the United States beginning with the February 2013 issue, and I am one of 8 American “hen-keepers” that will be featured in a four page editorial spread in this premier issue!  The magazine will be available at 780 Tractor Supply Company stores in the US, beginning about mid-February. NEW USA YC-Feb13-cover v1 LR copy

Here’s the press release:

British chicken magazine goes on sale in the USA

Your Chickens, a glossy magazine from Britain, is about to go on sale in the USA. An estimated 500,000 people now keep chickens in their back gardens and yards in the UK, and the magazine has been well received since its launch two years ago.

The February issue will be available in Tractor Supply Company stores across the USA from mid February. It will include stories from hen keepers who follow this blog [Fresh Eggs Dailly] from all over the States, from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles and Michigan to Georgia. There will also be an introduction about henkpeeping USA-style and the National Poultry Show.

In addition, there is plenty of news and advice about henkeeping, as well as lots of features; there is even a popular club for children – Hattie Hen’s Kids Club – with puzzles, photos and activities.

The February issue is also available on subscription and in electronic format, with download options, from January 17. See:


The website is: www.yourchickens.co.uk

The magazine is also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/yourchickens  and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/yourchickens

Content editor Simon McEwan says: “We are delighted to be a launching in the USA and would like to thank all Lisa’s followers who have contacted us. We have had a fantastic response. We would be very pleased to hear from more of you, with about 200 words and a high-resolution photo of you with your chickens. Just email us at: yourchickens@archant.co.uk.”

Simon McEwan

Content Editor,

Country Smallholding/Your Chickens


I’ve been hanging out at our local TSC just in case an issue gets there early!


SECOND PIECE OF NEWS: Maybe not quite as exciting, but news all the same—the annual Mother’s Day Show at the Purple House will be held at St. Phillip’s Church Hall this year.  Dates are the same as usual—Friday and Saturday before Mother’s Day (this year those dates are May 10th and 11th).  The Purple HouseWe’re still going to call it The Purple House Show and Sale; we’ll try to recreate some of the Victorian ambiance that always permeated the spring show—but the venue has changed.



Barnyard Blessing flag from Hobby Hill Farm

THIRD (EXCITING AGAIN):  Green Circle Grove has an affiliate!  For three months, Hobby Hill Farm will be opening their doors to you with a great deal.  If you order anything—even sale items—and use the code GCG13—you’ll receive 15% off your order.  Hobby Hill Farm has some great items, too—mugs and coasters, sweatshirts, flags and other decorative items. I don’t usually recommend buy purses from any place but Green Circle Grove, but if you’re in the market for horse related items—I noticed some really nice “horse purses”. I have a warm hoodie from Hobby Hill Farm and I’m waiting for my cap to arrive.  Use the button on the side bar to transport yourself to Hobby Hill Farm or click HERE! Don’t forget to use your coupon code!


FINAL BIT OF EXCITING NEWS: Green Circle Grove has an “Etsy” shop.  If you aren’t familiar with Etsy, it’s an on-line market place offering handmade and/or vintage items.  It’s the place you will be able to go to purchase our soaps or totes without having to travel to a festival or wait for a craft fair.  So far, we’ve only listed a few items, but the shop is up and running and waiting for you to stop by and browse.  Just click HERE and you’ll enter the shop. To save 10%, use the code FARMCHICK on any purchases from our Etsy shop.


That’s it for last week’s news—stay warm and healthy!

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