Nina’s Freezer Coleslaw — Another Family Recipe!

Cabbages always seem to grow really well here.  This year, the weather was sort of goofy, and so our tomatoes are just now ripening on newspaper lined tables in the garage, the huge pumpkin harvest we had anticipated turned out to be seven, the lettuce and spinach bolted early, and the beans choked the sunflowers.  The cabbages, however, grew really well.GCG Freezer Coleslaw

We like cabbage, and one of us likes sauerkraut.  That one is not me, I’ll confess. To me, fermenting cabbage smells a lot like dead mice.  Except that as time goes on, dead mice quit smelling, and sauerkraut smells worse.  That’s just me, but I’ve so far—forty some years now– found enough excuses not to make sauerkraut from our many cabbages.

Cabbages keep pretty well, in a root cellar or cool spot, wrapped (I’ve used plastic grocery bags) loosely.  I leave them in the garden as long as possible– they are usually fine through the first few light frosts.  I’ve read, too, that pulling the whole plant, roots and all, and hanging it upside down in a cool cellar, is another way to store cabbage, but I’ve not tried that method.

This year, I’ve been looking forward to using one of the family recipes from the book my mom and I put together last winter.  My mother says she remembers this coleslaw being served as a side dish on Sunday dinner tables in January.  I’m hoping it’s as good as she remembers!



2 gallons shredded cabbage

2 tablespoons saltFreezer Coleslaw GCG

2 sweet peppers (I used one red and one green)

4 carrots  ( I had three –but one was twice the size of the others)

1 cup water, boiling

2 cups cider vinegar

4 cups sugar

2 teaspoons celery seed


Mix cabbage and salt well and allow to stand 1 hour.  I have an older wooden mandolin slicer that works very well to shred cabbage. And fingers.  I don’t like to use my food processor for shredding, so I took my friend Becky’s advice and used a long serrated knife.Freezer Coleslaw GCG

Add vinegar and sugar to boiling water.  Boil 1 minute and cool.

Chop peppers and carrots. (I did use the food processor for this.)Freezer Coleslaw GCG

Squeeze salt water out of cabbage (you’ll be surprised how much there will be). Discard liquid.

Add chopped vegetables and celery seed to cabbage.

Add cooled vinegar-sugar mixture and mix well. Isn’t it pretty? Freezer Coleslaw GCG

Let stand ½ hour, package and freeze.

I found that it took three cabbages to make 2 gallons of shredded cabbage, and those 2 gallons filled 2 quart and 3 pint freezer bags. When I’m ready to use them, I’ll thaw them overnight in the refrigerator, drain and toss into a serving bowl.Freezer Coleslaw

The coleslaw looks great, and the little taste I saved out was crisp and flavorful.  Now I wish I’d made a double batch!


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  1. Oh, Meredith…I NEVER knew you could freeze cabbage! I’m going to try this.

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