What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for?


Sometimes I have the strangest dreams. Occasionally, I remember parts of them, and once in a while the whole thing wakes me right up, and I think “great idea!”

Of course, in the morning that great idea often doesn’t seem so terrific, but last night’s dream is still with me…

There was quite a bit to it, but what woke me up was a little girl saying to me, “I’ve spent my whole life waiting.”

Well, how about that? Isn’t that very close to the truth?

Already today, I’ve waited to be called to the desk at the outpatient department, I’ve waited to have lab tests, and I’ll wait for the doctor’s office to call with results. (Routine stuff, don’t worry.) I’ve waited my turn in line at the post office to buy stamps, for a friend to return a phone call, for the dogs to stop playing around in the yard and come back to the door. It’s not even noon.

Aren’t you waiting—for spring, for good weather, for clear roads…to lose a few pounds, the next paycheck, a vacation?

Think about it. When we are small, we wait for birthdays, for the first day of school, to learn to read, for Christmas. Later on, we wait for the day we can receive a driver’s license, a letter from the right college, the perfect job, the car, the house, the life…. We wait for our children to be born, and when I visit my parents these days, I see so many people waiting there, too. Just waiting.

I suppose I could dig out my old What Your Dreams Mean book, but it’s not really necessary.

I believe I’ve been reminded to spend more time enjoying the Right Now. Waiting in line is inevitable, of course, but there’s often an opportunity to make a new friend, read a few pages, or just take a deep breath and savor the fact that you’re breathing.

Instead of impatiently waiting for those goofy dogs, I can really watch them—their agility, their happiness in the moment.

It might not yet be spring or good weather, but there is something secure about spending time contemplating blowing snow from inside a cozy house, and something exquisite about stepping out into a winter night when the stars and moon shine brightly in the cold.waiting

Go look out your window right now. What is happening out there?


What are YOU waiting for?


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  1. This is insightful, beautiful and true! I’m sharing it with someone special as soon as I finish this comment…

  2. I really enjoy your posts and your insight. Remember this post would go perfectly on the Sunday Social hop (hint hint)

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