Market Bag Giveaway–We have a Winner!!

Congratulations To Our Winner!

Congratulations to Marie, winner of the  Market Bag ! Thanks to everyone who entered and liked our Facebook page 🙂 We’re so happy to get to know you!


Congrats to Marie for winning this beautiful bag!

Congrats to Marie for winning this beautiful bag!

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Make your Gift Wrap Part of the Gift!

Every year, I have big plans for wrapping gifts as soon as they come home—whether it’s from the store or by mail truck.  Once again, I have a closet full of bags and a floor covered with boxes.  I guess I could say I was waiting to see if the end of the world arrived—but for whatever reason, I’ve delayed as long as possible.  Our family will be arriving in just a day or two, and I need to wrap gifts.

I’m a saving, recycling, reusing and repurposing person, particularly when it comes to gift-wrap. I fold up used wrappings and keep bows and bags from year to year. At the end of season clearance sales, I buy wrap, tape and ribbon. This year, I have quite a bit of fabric left over from making stockings and ornaments; I have been thinking how best to use the odd sized pieces.  This morning as I began to sort gifts for wrapping—and clear the sewing table to make it into a wrapping table—a possible solution struck me.

I’ve seen several sites and articles in magazines showing fabric wrapped gifts—they’re very pretty, and if I received a fabric wrapped gift, I’d be thrilled!  It would be like receiving two gifts, because I’d be thinking of ways to use the fabric, too.  I’ll be wrapping packages for small children, though.  What I’ve decided to do is make the wrapper part of the gift.

I decided to start with the gift for our 2-year-old granddaughter: a box of wooden blocks.  Our little girl likes to carry things around, put things inside other things and take them back out.  I’ll make a bag for her to carry her blocks in!

If you have basic sewing skills, you can do this, too.  I know, it’s kind of late to add one more task before the holidays this year, but…if you run short of wrapping paper and long on fabric, or if you want to give something that can be used year after year or for another purpose…follow along.

Measure the package you’ll want the bag to contain.  I just folded the fabric in half—right sides together– put the box on the fabric and cut, leaving about 3 inches of fabric on each side and at the top.

I used the fold for the bottom and stitched up both sides of the fabric, making about a half-inch seam on each side.

I have a bag of extra ribbons, grosgrain tape, and seam binding, so I found a coordinating color, measured around the top of the bag and added a few inches and then cut the ribbon.

I pressed the side seams open (you wouldn’t even have to do this), folded and pressed the top edge over, making this fold just slightly wider than the ribbon width. To make it so there will be no raw edges, I turned and pressed the top fold once more, but again, this is optional.

I stitched around the bottom of the folded over edge, backstitching at each end and leaving about two inches unstitched. 

Then, I turned the bag right side out,

threaded the ribbon through the casing that I’d just made at the top of the bag (use a safety pin to help thread it through),

made a couple of stitches at the half way point so the ribbon won’t pull out, popped in the box of blocks,

pulled the ribbon up tight and tied a bow.

I made a tag out of the front of a [saved from last year] Christmas card, and voila`!  A dual-purpose gift!  It took me about 20 minutes to do this project—and that’s counting time for taking pictures!

What do you think?  Shall I bag up the rest of the gifts, too?


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